Corporate Flowers

Sign up for Arena For Business to access features designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses and corporate flower senders.  For example, rather than having to get your credit card out to pay each time you order (and then claim the money back on expenses), you can just add the order to your monthly invoice with a single click.  Simple!

Arena For Business has been designed to make your life easier whether you're sending champagne to a client or flowers to a colleague, ordering a regular arrangement for reception or a spectacular display for a special event.

Sign up now (it only takes 2 minutes) or read on for more details.

Key Benefits

Pay Monthly

  • No payment required in checkout
  • One bill a month for each department's orders
  • 45 days credit

Monitor Spend By Employee & Department

  • Monitor spending by department
  • Track spending by employee
  • Manage departmental credit limits (if desired)

A Personal & Tailored Experience

  • Previous addresses and messages stored
  • Bulk sending made easy
  • Checkout time halved

Great Value. Superb Products

  • We cut out all middlemen, so our flowers are very freshand great value
  • We offer a wide range of luxury gifts

Excellent Ethical Credentials

  • We are a FairTrade accredited florist
  • First UK florist to sell FFP accredited flowers
  • Only UK florist accredited by the Good Shopping Guide as an ethical company

Ease Of Use

  • Our award winning website, enhanced by Arena For Business, 
    makes the whole process painless and easy

Want to know more?

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Call: 0800 0350 581

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