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Fiddle leaf fig plant


The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrate) is a long-term favourite of house plants. Native to western Africa from lowland tropical rainforests, these attractive flowering plants are aptly known for their fiddle-shaped leaves and graceful silhouette - a much-loved and favoured plant for adding natural style to home interiors.


This eye-catching arrangement contains the following:



If taken good care of, it’s possible for Fiddle leaf figs to grow a few feet every year; here are our top tips for keeping them healthy:

Your tree prefers lots of bright, filtered light. Position your fiddle leaf fig near a sunny window so it can take in lots of sunshine throughout the day and remember to rotate every few months.

Water thoroughly with lukewarm water, allowing the water to completely drain out from the bottom.

Your fiddle leaf fig tree prefers warm and humid climates so it’s best to keep your room temperatures between 18-23°C, and ensure your tree is positioned well away from draughts.

Prune your tree every so often to encourage growth. Make a habit to do this when you notice any overgrowth to keep it fresh and strong!