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Guzmania plant Guzmania plant Guzmania plant Guzmania plant

Guzmania plant


Exotic wilderness

Bring South America to you with the smashing Guzmania Hope. Its long thin leaves form a rosette where it catches water and nutrients to store and take in through scales on its leaves. As a bromeliad, the Guzmania Hope is a wonderful and easy to care for houseplant as it can handle lot of different light conditions.

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Just so you know...

It’s important to water your Guzmania Hope properly as they require water in a slightly different way to the majority of houseplants. The plant takes in the water through its leaves and the central rosette. Therefore, when you water make sure you pour it straight into the rosette and top up when the top of the soil is dry. The ideal light level for Guzmania Hope plants is bright but indirect. You want to keep them away from intense direct light as this can scorch the plant. They can tolerate some lower light levels but not for extended periods of time.