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Phalaenopsis white cascade plant Phalaenopsis white cascade plant Phalaenopsis white cascade plant Phalaenopsis white cascade plant

Phalaenopsis white cascade plant


Elegant and refined

This Phalaenopsis orchid adds a touch of opulent drama to any home with the way the blooms cascade down the stems. Surprise someone chic in your life by sending them these luxurious flowers that can bloom for over a month.

 This eye-catching arrangement contains the following:

Add an extra touch

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Just so you know...

Phalaenopsis do well in shaded light, so that if a hand is passed over the leaves it does not produce a shadow. We recommend growing in east or west-facing windows, although the east exposure is better because the temperature is lower in the early part of the day when the plant is receiving the greatest amount of light. South-facing windows should only be used if shielded from the sun using a sheer curtain.

Phalaenopsis like to be kept fairly moist, with the media becoming only slightly damp between waterings. During warm dry weather, they may need to be watered 2 times a week. These orchids form wilted leaves, yellowed leaf tips, and rapid yellowing throughout the oldest base leaves, when not receiving enough water. If this happens, check the root system. Over-watering may have caused the roots to rot, thereby depriving the plant from absorbing water. If the roots are healthy, you are likely under-watering and should increase your watering schedule accordingly.

We always recommend watering in the morning, as this gives the leaves time to dry and avoid bacterial growth overnight. If possible, use water low in alkalinity, such as rainwater, distilled water, or reverse osmosis water. If you have a dehumidifier in your home, the water that collects in the tray is excellent for watering orchids.